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President's Message

AM&N/UAPB National Alumni Association

"A Vision That’s a Good Investment"


President Calvin Booker Greetings! I am so honored to be your National Alumni President for many reasons. We had a phenomenal 2013! Our National Board, Executive Director, Chapter Presidents, membership and friends have helped us not only to achieve but to exceed our visionary goal of supporting student retention by giving need-based scholarships for tuition, books, and fees.

Our second achievement was in support of the recruitment office by attending college fairs around the country and sponsoring an alumni recruitment day during the last home football game against Grambling University. Alumni chapters brought students from several states to visit our campus and meet with administrators, faculty, staff and students. They also attended the game! Thanks again to those participating chapters. We also assisted the recruitment office by giving financial donations throughout the year to help with expenses related to the purchase of recruiting materials, as well as travel, hosting of students, parents, and high school counselors. The association’s goal is to support our chancellor, Dr. Laurence B. Alexander, in increasing our enrollment to 4,000 + students.

Our alumni association is trending upward with regard to growth in membership and contributions. New state-of-the-art and highly innovative tracking software has been installed in our National Alumni Office. As you can see, we are on the move but we can’t stop now! We must continue to recruit and grow in strength and numbers! Steady growth combined with the continued support of our established membership will enable us to surpass our 2013 achievements and have a Super 2014. Your voices are needed because Dear Mother and our students are both good investments. Our goal is to do whatever we can to help Chancellor Alexander meet the challenge of raising $2 million by Homecoming 2014. The association’s goal is to process at least $500,000 through our association treasurers.

Let me close with a true story about a young lady who was offered a scholarship to attend UAPB for the 2013 Fall Semester. She called the university administrator who offered her a scholarship and told the administrator that she appreciated the offer but would not be coming to UAPB because she didn’t have shoes or clothes to attend college. She mentioned that she lived with her grandmother and their only source of income was Social Security and they just could not afford college. The administrator called the local chapter president in that city. The chapter president then reached out to the chapter membership and friends. The young lady made it to UAPB with two footlockers full of clothes and shoes. She was also given gift cards and cash to be dispersed throughout the year. During the Christmas break the student returned to her hometown. The alumni and friends who assisted her had an opportunity to visit with her and listen to her share about her experiences at UAPB. She stated that she is majoring in Biology and earned a 4.00 GPA her first semester. She talked about her experience of being a member of the M4 Golden Lion Marching Band. She thanked everyone that assisted in fulfilling her dream to attend college and with tears running down her cheeks; she proclaimed “I’m a good investment”.

This is just one story of many, but these types of stories happen every year, every semester and at every graduation and chapters across the country respond with their collective charitable gifts. This is who we are and this is what we do, we give to the least of these. I am so proud to be called your National Alumni President.


Calvin E. Booker, Sr.
President and Chairman of the Board