Alma Mater

State College, we greet thee with love and devotion;
Our hearts and our treasures we bring to thy shrine.
With arms that are strong from all harm, we defend thee;
Thy name shall we cherish, dear mother of mine.

We walk through this wide world in peace and with courage.
We gained while we sat at thy sanctified seat.
We come when thou call'st us to battle, dear mother.
And cast all we have at thy glorified feet.


Alma Mater, we love thee, we love thee, dear mother;
And all that we have we cast down at thy feet.

In days of our childhood we romped in the wildwood.
We waded the brooks, sipped the sweet morning dew.
We heard of great treasures of wisdom and knowledge,
Of wealth not for purchase of goodness and you.
We entered the portals with some trepidation.
We knew not what fates awaited us there.
Thou girded our loins with the strength of Gibraltar;
We drank from thy fountain and breathed thy pure air.

We breathed thy great spirit and learned more of wisdom,
more truth through the vistas of life can we see.
The work of thy hand as it guided our footsteps
With faith thou did'sr teach as we gave thee thy powers.
No one but our God can bestow such a gift.
We step with thy heart-strokes today, and forever
Thy flag to the breezes of heaven we lift.

John B. Watson
First President, AM&N College

Keepers of the Spirit:

The University Museum and Cultural Center is home to the Keepers of the Spirit: The L. A. Davis, Sr. Historical Collection that documents the more than 130 year history of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Having its origin as Branch Normal College, later Arkansas Agricultural, Mechanical and Normal College, the only state supported institution of higher education for blacks, the University has undergone various name changes, weathered many adversaries and yet through it all it has never lost sight of its mission to educate the “poorer classes” of Arkansas. Founded in the Arkansas Delta in 1873, there is a direct linkage between the saga of this institution and the historical, educational and cultural experiences of the people of this region of the state. more