Message To Membership

Dear Fellow Alumni:

The UAPB/AM&N National Alumni Association and the University need your support!

Active membership in the UAPB/AM&N National Alumni Association allows a small contribution to go a long way and enables you to contribute to practically every part of the University. It is the only organization able to assist such a large number of campus organizations and departments all while keeping alumni and friends connected to UAPB.

Regular membership dues are $50.00 and account for a rather small annual contribution to the university, but there’s a lot of value in pooling annual membership dues among thousands of supporters. Membership dues are responsible for and assist with:

• The maintenance, operation and technology upgrades at the National Alumni House
• Funding of scholarships

Lifetime membership dues goes into an investment account and each year the interest is used for the maintenance and operation of the National Alumni Office.

There are three (3) three levels of Life Membership:

Silver - $300.00
Gold - $500.00
Platinum - $750.00

Installments can be paid within three (3) consecutive years. You may upgrade by paying the difference between the original costs and the current price for the desired level.As Alumni, we have benefited from attending UAPB/AM&N.

We were part of the past and now it is time for all Alumni to be part of the future!

Please, become an active member of the Alumni Association as an annual member or a lifetime member and make a difference.

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In The Spirit of Working Together,
Staphea S. Campbell
National Alumni Membership –Executive Director