UAPB Alumni Initiatives

Donate To One of Our Initiatives

(1)    Annual Dues $50; the goal is to have 1,000 paid national alumni members for 2012 (Note 443 paid members in 2011);
(2)    Presidential Contributors Club $10, $15, $25 and upwards; the goal is to have alumni and friends to donate any sum to the Alumni Association - no amount is too small;   
(3)    President’s Club $250; the goal is 500 alumni and friends to make a donation or pledge annually;
(4)    Presidential 101 Club $1,000; the goal is to encourage 101 alumni and friends to make a donation to support the Alumni Association focus on a variety of timely needs related to:


Purpose - To increase the graduation rate of students attending UAPB by helping them matriculate and remain enrolled; 
Goal - To raise at least $250,000 or more; to retain as many students as possible by providing scholarships to offset the cost of tuition, books, fees, room and board;  


Purpose - To maximize student enrollment levels at UAPB; to increase the number of student’s receiving both an education and a college degree;
Goal - To help the University attain 3,800 students within the next 3 years and 4,500 students in 5 years; for every additional 100 students the University will receive an estimated $1.3 million in revenues.
(Note: In the fall of 2011, an estimated 3,200 students were enrolled at UAPB).  

Alumni House

Annual Budget $50,000
∙  Repairs and Maintenance of the building       
∙  Upgrade Technology
∙  Operation   
Utilities - Supplies – Taxes – Equipment – Professional Services – Salary – Benefits - Property Insurance – Postage – Printing & Copying – Homecoming Expenses - Advertisement & Promotion etc.
Purpose -  To reach as many of the 17,000 plus Alumni as possible and to involve them financially and as volunteers on committees at the local and national level;

Alumni Village (Dormitory)

UAPB Alumni Initative

To activate the New Market Tax Credit process will cost approximately $35,000
Purpose - To provide contemporary housing for students; which will enhance our Recruitment and Retention efforts;
Goal - To build a complex that will house up to 250 students in conjunction with the S.T.E.M. Building; and this will give the National Alumni Association perpetual income for scholarships, maintenance and operation of the alumni office.

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